What can geese teach us about leadership?

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! As we start our journey into 2019, we wanted to reflect on what geese can teach us about leadership…

Have you ever wondered why Inspiring Leadership embraces the V formation of geese within its brand? We believe that there are lessons of teamwork and leadership to be learnt from geese. When you watch the skein of geese closely, you realise that the geese are all leaders and followers each taking a turn.  So what lessons of leadership can we learn from geese?

Lesson 1: Sharing a common goal

As each goose flaps its wings, it creates an uplift, an aerodynamics orientation that reduces air friction for the birds that follow, allowing them to preserve energy for a long-distance flight. When the lead goose becomes tired, it rotates back into the formation and allows another goose to take the leadership position.

The lesson we can learn here is that people who share a common goal can get to where they want to quicker if they work as a team.

Lesson 2: Recognition and encouragement

Geese honk to recognise each other and to encourage each other to keep up.

The lesson we can learn here is to make sure we are offering support to each other and continue to praise one another by giving people the recognition and encouragement they deserve.

Lesson 3: Staying committed to the common goal

The geese migration routes never change, they use the same route each year even if there are new members.

The lesson we can learn here is to stay true to our core values. Colleagues, pupils and other aspects may change but great organisations will always stick to their core values and remember why they do what they do.

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