Tim Prendergast

Tim Prendergast


Tim Prendergast is one of New Zealand’s most outstanding Paralympians. A middle distance runner, Tim has represented his native New Zealand at the last three Paralympic Games.

At the age of eight Tim began losing his central vision and within several years was legally blind. Despite his rapidly deteriorating sight and troubles coming to terms with his impairment, Tim still had a passion for sports and found a real enjoyment in running. With only 5% normal vision now, he still regularly competes in both open and international Paralympic events.

In 2004 at the Athens Paralympic Games, Tim produced an outstanding run to claim gold in the 800 metres T13 class. Despite finishing outside of the medals in both the 1500m and 5000m disciplines at Beijing, Tim continues to be a full-time athlete.

As well as regular training and competitions, Tim also spends time frequently working with schools and other community organisations. He also works for the Youth Sports Trust as an Athlete Mentor and he engages and inspires young people with the power of his outstanding story. By sharing his experiences in life and sport, Tim aims to encourage young people to follow their dreams and become the best that they can be.