Maggie Farrar


Maggie has extensive experience of strategic leadership, leadership development, and the leadership of change in schools and localities. She has worked in London and Birmingham in senior leadership positions in schools and local authorities. For ten years she was a senior leader at the National College for School leadership serving as the Director for leadership development, research and succession planning and more recently as interim Chief Executive.

Maggie is currently working on leadership development for self improving, autonomous and complex school systems, the leadership of a creative and engaging curriculum, growing the next generation of leaders for 21st century schools, and building the capacity of schools and communities so they are more able to transform children’s life chances and close gaps in achievement.

Maggie is working with Ministries of Education and school leaders in Australia, China, and India on school reform and leadership development. She has a particular skill in facilitating strategic seminars bringing together school leaders, policy officials and others to debate the future of schooling and the role of school leaders. She is also skilled in working with groups of schools to secure more effective collaboration and achieve sustainable impact.

She has extensive and proven experience as a keynote speaker nationally and internationally and as a facilitator of conferences and workshops.

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